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Strong Grip LLC is  the future of new generation gyms that focuses on HEALTH and FITNESS while uniting  families, including those with disabilities by working out in a pleasurable environment.

Our Mission

ninja classes
ninja classes
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By becoming a sponsor, your business will obtain exposure via our events and activities, through the provision of the companies marketing materials and obstacles. In addition, sponsors will experience personal growth by playing a vital part in giving back to the community. Your company's name or business logo will be placed on the obstacles we built


75% of our Marketing is Free of charge thanks to numerous obstacle course reality TV Shows such as Ninja Warrior, Spartan, among others. These reality TV Shows are motivating families to visit facilities related to the concept creating traffic, giving you, the Sponsor a great opportunity for exposure.

ninja classes

Thank you for your interest in been a sponsor. A Team Member will be contacting you shortly

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