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Ninja classes AT THE GYM

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Ninja's In Training

Finally, a new way to exercise and have fun with your friends. Inspired by the TV show “Ninja Warrior”, and designed by one of the competitors of the show -Julio Santiago- this new concept was developed to help kids become healthy, increase self-confidence, and develop skills to balance, be agile, and learn the functions of the body parts. This Anti-bullying program training is a Great way to become healthy, be respectful and have fun. By learning the basics of each discipline, the child will develop leadership skills by helping each other in completing obstacles in a safe environment with low or no impact. Ninja Warrior has recently become a popular sport and there are several annual competitions for kids and adults nationwide. This training is a great opportunity to represent our team and travel
 to different cities and states through the US. Strong Grip LLC is determined to teach in a safe environment and to bring the best of your child’s agility and abilities. 
For questions, you can contact us at
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